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Women no longer give birth carelessly – Family planning expert - Jivatunes

Women no longer give birth carelessly – Family planning expert
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A family planning expert at Ikot Offiong Ambai Primary Health Center in Akpabuyo Local government Area of Cross River State, Gift Effiong Edem has said that due to weekly health tips on breastfeeding and family planning, women no longer get pregnant needlessly or deliver babies carelessly.

She said they use the Awareness Campaign on exclusive breastfeeding by UNICEF to talk to community women on issues about home management, and taking care of husbands and babies as well as themselves, too.

According to Mrs Edem, family planning helps women control their birth rate.

“They do not give birth carelessly. They and their husbands are very happy because they have fewer children. Thanks to the weekly health tips they receive from us.

“Family planning is effective and safe. It reduces death rates and helps women to plan.”

Another primary healthcare health expert, Mrs Esu Antigha said exclusive breastfeeding means giving a child only breast milk for a period of six months without water.

She further stated that it helps the child grow and develop faster.